Johnny Voodoo, Chica & Diablo

The Rita

The Vernons

Lainey self isolation

Willie "Bomba" King - Finalist Australia Portrait Gallery 2020

Frank Fera - Finalist - Brisbane Portrait Prize 2019

Frank Fera - Finalist Brisbane Portrait Prize 2019, Finalist Stanthorpe Art Prize 2020.

Clyde & Mary - Winner - Stanthorpe Art Prize

Finalist - Olive Cotton Award for Portraiture, Finalist FIPP

Paul Rix - Winner Ipswich Art Awards 2019 (Photography), Finalist FIPP.

Mayor John Nugent - Winner - Ipswich Art Awards (Photography)

Mr Vogler - Winner - Ipswich Art Awards (Photography)

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Nathan & Jeeves - Finalist Fremantle International Portrait Prize 2019

Gareth.... Strictly Coffee
ipswich grammar school science jason mcnamara photography
Client: Ipswich Grammar Agency: Rowland Brisbane Photo: Jason McNamara
ipswich pump yard four hearts brewery
The Pumpyard.
Cover photo for Ipswich Tourism Guide
Client: Ipswich City Council
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